Farm Fresh Chicken and Turkey


At Melody Bee Farms we raise our livestock (our meat chickens and layers, turkey, pigs and beef) in a humane, stress free, cage free, safe and clean environment.   Right from the start our birds enjoy a free range environment with plenty of access to fresh air and out-of-doors.  Don’t forget Melody Bee Farms is now fully non-GMO.

Our turkey, chicken and layer birds enjoy a mixture of grass and grain.   Many of our birds include heritage breeds.


Prices as of June 2015

Turkey:  $6.00/lb. plus $5.00 per bird for butchering. Packaged whole in clear bag.
Chicken:  $3.00/lb. plus $4.00 per bird for butchering. Packaged whole in clear bag.
We also offer eggs from our wide variety of chickens.  Popular brown and multi-colored eggs are available for $4.00 dozen.