Approximate weight of a half pig is 100lbs (give or take, this is only the ballpark)
Pricing is $2.25 hanging weight + processing costs. We highly recommend getting your Bacon and
Ham are cured with a no-nitrate cure of Sea Salt and Sugar. (Delicious!)
Pickup at Caledonia Packing LLC .
Caledonia Packing LLC will call you for your cutting instructions.
To give you a general idea of how much meat you will end up with a half pig:

Approximate number of of chops, bacon etc. from 1/2 pig
20 lbs Smoked ham steaks and/or Roasts
10 lbs Smoked Bacon
3-4 lbs loin roasts
3-4 lbs Shoulder roasts
25 Pork chops
10 pork steak
4 lbs spare ribs
10 lbs sausage
Cutting is totally up to you- Caledonia Packing LLC makes some fanatastic Kielbasa Sausage and
Bratwurst as well.
You can have pretty much anything ground up into sausage, say if you don’t care for pork chops or
roast, etc.
Downpayment is $50.00 and is non-refundable..  Our pigs are happy and healthy!  Don’t forget Melody Bee Farms is now fully non-GMO.


Prices as of Jan 2020

2.25/lb.  hanging weight.  Please note price does not include processing.

Call or email Josh and Melody today at (616)862-3771 for current prices and availability.